Take ACTION and Testify for
 HB 6695: An Act Concerning the Protection of Youth from Conversion Therapy

Come out and let you voice be hear! Tuesday, March 7th the members of the Public Health Committee will hear public testimony-NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Public Hearing for Banning Conversion Therapy!
Tuesday, March 7th
Legislative Office Building, Room 2C, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT

What’s a Public Hearing?

A public hearing an opportunity to talk directly to our state lawmakers about the importance of (insert bill/subject).  This is your opportunity to tell your story and to let you voice be heard! Your testimony will be submitted for state public record.

Interested in Testifying?
Attached you will find materials that will help you write your testimony and give you a step by step guide to taking this action!

Can’t testify but still want to support?
Attend in person – It is so important to show our decision makers that we are here and we won’t back down without a fight! Show your support by showing up and making a visual statement!

Can’t Attend? Submit Testimony to the committee!  Use the attachments to write your testimony and submit it to (insert committee email) this will become a testimony for public record and each lawmaker will have access to your story and voice!

Find our testimony guide and template here!

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