Urge your Senator to vote YES on Justice Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice!

So many of you took action last week and urged your Senator to vote YES on Justice McDonald’s nomination for Chief Justice of the CT Supreme Court but our work isn’t over yet. You may have already heard the disappointing and outrageous news from Hartford, that yesterday, in a 75-74 vote in House, we saw Connecticut Republicans continue to bring Washington style partisan politics to our state’s judicial selection process. That’s why we need you to do TWO things right now.

  1. We need you to continue to contact your state Senator today and tell them you reject the partisan politics of the House and urge them to vote YES.
  2. We also need to you to send a letter to your House member so they can hear directly from you about their vote on Justice McDonald’s confirmation!

When Justice McDonald was nominated by Governor Malloy, 46 of Connecticut’s most prominent and respected lawyers sent a letter to the legislature that spoke to the dangers of confirming judges based on partisan concerns or because of one decision. They said doing so “threatens the critical component of the checks and balances that undergird our democratic system of government.”

But that is exactly what happened yesterday when 74 House members voted on Justice Andrew McDonald’s confirmation, with every Republican but one – and five Democrats – voting no. We are outraged that the members of the House who voted against McDonald’s confirmation as Chief Justice of the CT Supreme Court did so simply because he was nominated by the sitting Democrat Governor or because of one decision. The fate of Justice Andrew McDonald’s nomination is now in the hands of the Senate and it’s more important than ever that our Senators hear from us!

We need a Chief Justice who has the qualifications and experience and we need YOU to make sure your Senator knows where you stand. Urge your Senator to reject partisan politics and vote YES on Justice McDonald’s confirmation as the next Chief Justice of the CT Supreme Court – today!


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